Boogie Babies 

Fun! Fun! Fun! – The class incorporates the fundamentals of ballet learning through imagination and characterisation. Your child will learn basic ballet steps, how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive and fun environment. Engaging music is used to get the little ones inspired to dance. 


The building block of all dance genres – Ballet itself is graceful and poised, promoting a strong foundation for good technique. It encourages development of self-disciplined individuals which in turn will be demonstrated inside and outside the classroom …without ballet ‘what’s the pointe!’ 
SRDA recommend that new learners begin with Ballet, and use this discipline as their stepping stone into other styles of dance. 


An expressive dance form of making music with your feet. Rhythmical and rewarding, co-ordination and listening skills are developed through this style of dance. Promoted by the legends that of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Bill Robinson and those alike. 
Classes available for children and adults  


Lending technique from that of ballet – this style of dance uses livelier music, its energetic and creative through use of body isolation's. From simple combinations of steps and leaps to the complex across the floor progressions. It expresses a more dynamic and varied approach to dance. 


‘Acro’ increases flexibility, strength, balance, co-ordination and endurance. The Acrobatic Arts program ensures that students learn proper placement, correct body alignment and technique allowing safe progression whilst growing in confidence and self-discipline. 

Street / Commercial  

One of the most current styles of dance, it offers freedom of movement. Sparked primarily by television, music videos and advertisements. Following 'Britains Got Talent' winners 'Diversity' it has seen increased demand for tuition, with more young people, especially boys, participating than ever before. 
Boogie babies
Dancer kneeling
Acrobatic dancers
Dancer in hat
Young dancer in pose
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